• Prenatal*

    Two 6-week series*
    A rejuvenating yet energizing gentle Yoga Flow adapted to the pre a nd post natal mothers.  It emphasizes stability, flexibility and vitality.  This class offers mothers a space of relaxation and an opportunity to connect with other mothers and expectant mothers.  It is an excellent preparation for birthing through breath, body and mind awareness.  There are 2 six-week series September 19 to October 24 and November 7 to December 12  
  • Hatha

    All Levels
    Hatha yoga uses postures (asana) and conscious breathing (Pranayama) in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strengthen the body and increase flexibility.  Minimal props are used, but support is provided to make the practice work for your body.  Open to all levels, but it is not designed as a beginner's class.  
  • Stretch and Balance

    Stretching is a vital part of any exercise routine as it gives your muscles the ability to lengthen, to expand and restore after exercise.  Increase flexibility, range of motion, balance and strength while making a deeper connection between the mind and body.
  • Gentle Reflective

    This class incorporates sequences studied by the National Institute of Health that improve back health. The class also focuses on improving core strength to support back health. The class is appropriate for those with low to low-moderate intensity back issues. The class also brings in Pranayama and reflective questions to help students explore the symbolic meaning of yoga in one’s life. Please bring a journal to class with you.
  • Level 1-2

    These classes may include some challenging poses and sequences, with modifications and assists offered and encouraged.  Classes may include inversions or preparation poses for inversions. These classes may challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility.  We recommend that you are familiar with basic yoga poses and have at least six months of experience practicing.
  • Restorative Yoga

    Relax & Renew focuses on the “yoga of being” rather than “doing”. Created by BKS Iyengar, it’s about being supported and letting go to tap into the body’s innate healing system.  The practice uses numerous props and spends time in each posture to experience its full benefit.  Students often “float” out of this deeply nourishing practice. Second Saturdays:  September 9, October 14, November 11, December 9
    • Lisa Sadleir-Hart

      Lisa Sadleir-Hart


      Lisa Sadleir-Hart is a certified group fitness instructor through the American Council on Exercise, certified health education specialist and a spiritual director.  She has practiced yoga since 2002 and taught gentle and restorative yoga classes since early 2007.  She also facilitates retreats on spirituality with a focus on integrating the expressive arts and wisdom of the body into one’s spiritual journey.

  • Beginners Slow Flow

    Appropriate for people who are new to yoga or familiar with a few basic yoga poses, and those who have no serious injuries.  Need not be “flexible” to do these classes!  Classes will include detailed alignment cues so those newer to the practice can continue building a foundation for a safe practice.  These classes are a great compliment to running and other athletic activities and will focus on core work, strengthening the major muscles groups, stretching safely, balance, and breath.
  • Vinyasa Flow

    These classes may include some more challenging poses and sequences, with modifications and assists offered, and options for up-leveling. Classes may include inversions or preparation poses for inversions, and may challenge your strength, balance, and flexibility. We recommend you are familiar with basic poses.
  • Power Hour

    A fast moving flow class that may feature more advanced asanas with modifications offered.  
  • Satsang

    Satsang (Second Saturdays of every month):  Satsang is derived from the Sanskrit words satua and sangha.  Satya means honesty, truthfulness or wisdom and Sangha means community.  So Satsang is a “gathering of the wise”. It originates in the Bakhti yogic tradition and is a beautiful ritual filled with bhaian, mantra chanting, silence and the ritual of aarti and prasad plus a message from the teachings of the particular lineage.  Please come share this nourishing ritual with the broader yoga community. Call Lisa at 747-5985 for more information.  Free and open to all  
  • Core to Yoga

    Exercises are designed to help strengthen and tone your core, upper and lower body for yoga.  Mat exercises and some props may be used.  Core abdominal strength improves nearly every pose offering improvements in your balance and ease in your asanas.  All levels welcome.
  • Yoga for All

    This eclectic  practice open to all students. The class is sure to include hip openers, core work, endurance challenges, pranayama (breath work), and restorative meditation.
  • Chi Ball

    Stimulates your cardiovascular system, engages core,  tones and stretches the full-body, and induces calmness of mind and body through deep breathing, visualization and meditation. Combines Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong principles into fluid movements using a Chi Ball. Chi Balls provided for class.
  • Pay As You Can – Exploring Yoga

    This class is for fit beginners to seasoned students.  The class will be theme based and include gentle and strength building asanas, breath work and meditation. Pay As You Can classes are donation based. Students with punch cards are welcome to use them. Class will be held the first Monday of each month.  September 4, October 2, November 6, and December 4.
  • Yasodhara Hatha

    Yasodhara Hatha Yoga (YHY) is a gentle, compassionate, student-centered yoga that meets students wherever they are.  YHY focuses on self-discovery and nurtures the whole person body, mind and spirit. Yasodhara Yoga has its origins in the Saraswati lineage from Rishikesh, India and was brought to the west by Swami Radha, founder of the Yasohara Ashram on Lake Kootenay, British Columbia. Two sessions:  August 31 to October 5 and October 26 to December 7