Cindy Westergaard

Meditations for Everyday Life

Dr. Cindy Westergaard

Open to all who are interested in developing their meditation practice, even for the very first time!   Sunday evenings at 7pm, at YU. 

February 18: Introductory Heart Opening

March 25: The Mindful Brain: What neuroscience can teach us about our brains during and after meditation.  *Pending interest, participants may have the opportunity to watch their brain waves (EEG) shift during meditation.

April 22: Non-identification with body or mind: Consciousness is a tool for investigating the activity of mind, for cultivating Self-Awareness and for experiencing a sense of Unity in the Stillness of meditation.

May 20: What is Awakening and can I do that?  Cultivating awareness of non-separation, and resting in the Stillness and abiding love that holds all Beings

(skip June)

July 22: Living in a state of non-separation (aka Stillness, Emptiness, Death of ego, Bliss, Union with God, or that which has no name)

Aug 19: Creating your own practice, together and with no-one present.


Open to the Community.  Donations are welcome or use a YU punch card.



Lauren Kenny

Last Sundays – Meditation and Movement


Lauren Kenny

This class combines guided meditation, breath practice, and full body opening through gentle flow.  Suitable for all levels.  Class meets the last Sunday of each month, from 9-10:15am.

Cost: One punch on card or drop-in fee.