Drew Spicer, DPT has been practicing yoga for 13 years, and has taught a wide variety styles from Gentle/Beginner to Vinyasa/Power Yoga for 8 years. He current works at Sitka Physical Therapy as a practicing Physical Therapist specializing in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Drew has worked as a personal trainer for Division 1 college athletes down to high school level, rehabilitated Olympic athletes, worked extensively with members of the Police/Fire Department/Coast Guard/Military/Etc, and used to volunteer his services at local Senior Community Centers.
When not working or teaching, Drew likes to remain as active as possible, either weightlifting, hiking, biking, surfing, rock climbing, practicing martial arts, etc. Drew was born in Boston, MA , but has lived in Portland, OR, Maui, HI, and traveled throughout Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia in addition to large swathes of the United States. Music has always had a vital role in the background of Drew’s life and therefore permeates into every yoga class.